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The Research House clearance services inc.

The Research House never fails to deliver quick and efficient service on a show by show basis, no matter how demanding our workload becomes. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to use their services on any future productions I’m involved with.

Scott Mathews | Production Coordinator

Credits section

The Research House has worked on 500 + Feature Film scripts, MOW’s, short film scripts, television commercials and television productions and has clearance clients in Canada, USA, Australia, France and the U.K.

Select Clearance Credit List:

Hell On Wheels (TV Series) (Season 2 clearances)

Arctic Air (TV series) (clearances – 10 episodes)

Level Up (TV series) (clearances – 3 episodes)

A Single Shot (clearances) (post-production)

Barricade (clearances) (post-production)

Seattle Superstorm (TV movie) (clearances) (post-production)

Locked in a Garage Band (clearances) (post-production)

Caught on Tape (clearances) (post-production)

Indie Jonesing (clearances) (completed)

Recoil (clearances) (completed)

Crave (clearances) (completed)

Forced to Fight (clearances) (completed)

Sanctuary (TV series) (clearances – 46 episodes)

Mr. Young (TV series) (clearances – 26 episodes)

Christmas Lodge (TV movie) (clearances)

The True Heroines (TV series) (clearances – 2 episodes)

The Entitled (clearances)

Donovan’s Echo (clearances)

A Mile in His Shoes (TV movie) (clearances)

Hiccups (TV series) (clearances – 26 episodes)

Crash Site (clearances)

To the Mat (TV movie) (clearances)

Sunflower Hour (clearances)

Endgame (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Afghan Luke (clearances)

The Collapsed (clearances)

The Haunting Hour: The Series (TV series) (clearances – 22 episodes)

Grave Encounters (clearances)

Knockout (clearances)

Dark Waters of Crime (TV mini-series) (clearances – 10 episodes)

Kennedys’ Home Movies (TV documentary) (clearances)

Goodnight for Justice (TV movie) (clearances)

Vampire (clearances)

Tower Prep (TV series) (clearances – 11 episodes)

The League of Super Evil (TV series) (clearances – 24 episodes)

Hard Core Logo 2 (clearances)

The Lost Future (TV movie) (clearances)

When the Devil Knocks (documentary) (clearances)

Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido (clearances)

VeggieTales: It’s a Meaningful Life (TV movie) (clearances)

Look at What the Light Did Now (clearances)

Altitude (clearances – uncredited)

Sure Shot Dombrowski 2: The Coaching Years (clearances)

Father&Sons (clearances)

Repeaters (clearances)

Amazon Falls (clearances)

Daydream Nation (clearances)

Eddies: The Documentary (clearances)

Growing the Big One (TV movie) (clearances)

A Night for Dying Tigers (clearances)

Caution: May Contain Nuts (TV series) (clearances – 10 episodes)

VeggieTales: Sweetpea Beauty (TV movie) (clearances)

1001 Nights (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Rain Down (clearances)

Dear Mr. Gacy (clearances)

Gunless (clearances)

VeggieTales: Pistachio (video) (clearances)

Freestyle (clearances)

Cra$h & Burn (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Stained (clearances)

Bloodied But Unbowed: Uncut (documentary) (clearances)

The Cult (TV movie) (clearances)

The Beast of Bottomless Lake (clearances)

A Dangerous Man (video) (clearances)

Christmas in Canaan (TV movie) (clearances)

Christmas Crash (video) (clearances)

Kid vs Kat (TV series) (clearances – 26 episodes)

The Lair (TV series) (clearances – 28 episodes)

Sight Unseen (TV movie) (clearances)

Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (documentary) (clearances)

Infusion Latina (documentary) (clearances)

65_RedRoses (documentary) (clearances)

Veggietales: Saint Nicholas – A Story of Joyful Giving! (video) (clearances)

Damage (clearance)

Apocalypse – La 2ème guerre mondiale (TV series documentary) (clearances – 6 episodes)

Excited (clearances)

The Hole (clearances)

Jennifer’s Body (clearance – uncredited)

Fear Island (TV movie) (clearances)

Iron Road (TV mini-series) (clearances – 2 episodes)

Aussie and Ted’s Great Adventure (clearances)

Black Rain (TV movie) (clearances)

Facing Ali (documentary) (clearances)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (clearance – uncredited)

Zigby (TV series) (clearances – 3 episodes)

Knights of Bloodsteel (TV mini-series) (clearances – 2 episodes)

Zixx: Level Three (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Dancing Trees (clearances)

ZOS: Zone of Separation (TV mini-series) (clearances – 2 episodes)

Pure Evil (TV movie) (clearances)

Playing for Keeps (TV movie) (clearances – uncredited)

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (clearance)

Just Breathe (short) (clearances)

Alien Trespass (clearances)

Something Evil Comes (TV movie) (clearances)

Kick Me Down (clearances)

Courage (clearances)

How to Boil a Frog (documentary) (clearances)

Hamlet, But You Didn’t Hear It from Me (short) (clearances)

The Devil’s Ground (clearances)

The Break-Up Artist (clearances)

Exes & Ohs (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Bingo Road (short) (clearances)

Desperate Hours: An Amber Alert (TV movie) (clearances)

Playing with Fire (clearances)

Fatal Kiss (TV movie) (clearances)

Mail Order Bride (TV movie) (clearances)

The Harvest Project (clearances)

The Collinwood Campaign (short) (clearances)

Eating Buccaneers (clearances)

Pontypool (clearances)

Ice Blues (clearances – uncredited)

Passchendaele (clearances)

Pucca (TV series) (clearances – 40 episodes)

Edgar & Ellen (TV series) (clearances – 9 episodes)

Space Chimps (clearances)

Robson Arms (TV series) (clearances – 39 episodes)

Soulstice (video) (clearances)

Polar Opposites (clearances)

Solar Flare (clearances)

Sheltered Life (clearances)

Stan Maynard’s Best Day Ever (short) (clearances)

Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story (TV movie) (clearances)

Hijacked Future (documentary) (clearances)

On the Other Hand, Death (clearances – uncredited)

Bridal Fever (TV movie) (clearances)

The Trojan Horse (TV mini-series) (clearances – 2 episodes)

jPod (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Being Ian (TV series) (clearances – 29 episodes)

Edna Brown (short) (clearances)

Making Mr. Right (TV movie) (clearances)

Flash Gordon (TV series) (clearances – 20 episodes)

The Egg Factory (clearances)

Scourge (clearances)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (TV movie) (clearances)

The Good Witch (TV movie) (clearances)

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie (clearances)

George of the Jungle (TV series) (clearances – 16 episodes)

Crossing Nirvana (clearances)

Jibber Jabber (TV series) (clearances – 23 episodes)

Left Coast (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited, rights and clearances)

Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy (TV series) (clearances – 24 episodes)

Dante’s Cove (TV series) (clearance – 13 episodes, 2004-2007) (clearances – 13 episodes, 2004-2007)

Whistler (TV series) (clearances – 26 episodes)

Intelligence (TV series) (clearances – 25 episodes)

Sure Shot Dombrowski (clearances)

Elijah (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited, rights and clearances)

Painkiller Jane (TV series) (clearances – 19 episodes, 2007) (rights and clearances – 3 episodes, 2007) (clearance – 2 episodes, 2007)

Death in the Forest (TV documentary) (clearances)

The Cold Snap (short) (clearances)

Normal (clearance, rights and clearances)

They Wait (clearances)

The Green Chain (clearance)

The Raven (TV movie) (clearances)

Lost in the Dark (TV movie) (clearances)

Cthulhu (clearances)

My Name Is Sarah (TV movie) (clearances – uncredited)

Blood Brothers: Reign of Terror (clearances)

The Bad Son (TV movie) (clearances)

Unthinkable (TV movie) (rights and clearances)

Shadow Puppets (clearance – uncredited)

Passion’s Web (TV movie) (clearance, rights and clearances)

Marco Polo (TV movie) (rights and clearances)

Cleaverville (TV movie) (rights and clearances)

My Baby Is Missing (TV movie) (rights and clearances)

A Dog’s Breakfast (research: The Research House)

The Cabinet (short) (clearances)

A Decent Proposal (TV movie) (rights and clearances)

The Condemned (clearances)

Simple Things (clearance)

Masters of Horror (TV series) (clearance – 13 episodes, 2006-2007) (clearances – 13 episodes, 2005-2006)

Freezer Burn (clearances)

To Be Fat Like Me (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited, rights and clearances)

Dragon Boys (TV movie) (clearances)

Nobody (TV movie) (clearance, rights and clearances)

Class of the Titans (TV series) (clearances – 26 episodes, 2006-2007) (clearance – 10 episodes, 2006)

49th and Main (TV series) (rights and clearances)

Son of the Dragon (TV mini-series) (clearance – 2006)

Hank William’s First Nation (TV series) (clearance – 6 episodes, 2006) (rights and clearances – 6 episodes, 2006)

Christmas Do-Over (TV movie) (clearance)

Christmas on Chestnut Street (TV movie) (rights and clearances – uncredited)

Imaginary Playmate (TV movie) (clearances)

Dragon Booster (TV series) (clearances – 22 episodes)

Sisters (clearances)

Love and Other Dilemmas (clearances)

Noah’s Arc (TV series) (clearances – 17 episodes)

Her Fatal Flaw (TV movie) (clearances)

Unnatural & Accidental (clearance)

The Wives He Forgot (TV movie) (clearances)

Fido (clearance coordinator)

Amber’s Story (TV movie) (rights and clearances)

Alice, I Think (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes, 2006) (clearance – 1 episode, 2006)

The Hard Corps (video) (clearance – uncredited)

The Lookalike (clearance)

Long Lost Son (TV movie) (rights and clearances)

Romeo! (TV series) (clearances – 30 episodes)

Past Sins (TV movie) (clearance, rights and clearances)

Solo (clearances)

The Marsh (clearance)

Honeymoon with Mom (clearance)

On the Brink (short) (clearances)

Sam’s Lake (clearance)

Insider Trading (short) (clearances)

The Collector (TV series) (clearances – 40 episodes)

Final Days of Planet Earth (TV movie) (clearance)

Rape of the Soul (documentary) (clearances)

Merlin’s Apprentice (TV mini-series) (clearance)

This Space for Rent (TV series) (clearance)

Farce of the Penguins (clearance – uncredited, rights and clearances)

The Accidental Witness (TV movie) (clearance)

Clean Fight (TV movie) (clearance)

Backspin (video) (clearances)

Sandra Goes to Whistler (short) (clearance)

Intelligence (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited)

A Fairy Tale Christmas (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited)

FBI: Negotiator (TV movie) (clearance)

Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy (TV movie) (clearances – uncredited)

Fishbowl (short) (clearance – uncredited, rights and clearances)

A Perfect Note (TV movie) (clearance)

Fallen (short) (clearances)

Dragons II: The Metal Ages (TV movie) (clearance)

InConvenience (short) (clearances)

Eighteen (clearance)

Neverwas (clearance – uncredited)

Eve and the Fire Horse (clearance)

The French Guy (clearance)

Paper Moon Affair (clearance)

Selling Innocence (TV movie) (clearance)

Desolation Sound (clearance coordinator)

Deepwater (clearances)

Mustard Pancakes (TV series) (clearance – 39 episodes)

Sandra Gets Dumped (short) (clearance)

Devour (video) (clearance)

Missing in America (clearance)

The Lost Angel (clearance)

Cold Squad (TV series) (clearances – 72 episodes, 1999-2005) (clearance – 1 episode, 1998)

Thralls (clearance)

Bob the Butler (clearance)

Lies My Mother Told Me (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited)

Cantata for the King (TV movie) (clearances)

Killer Bash (TV movie) (clearance)

Dating (short) (clearances)

Fatal Reunion (video) (clearance)

School of Life (TV movie) (clearances)

Ladies Night (TV movie) (clearance)

Caught in the Headlights (clearance)

White Noise (clearance)

Floored by Love (TV movie) (clearance)

Zixx: Level Two (TV series) (clearance)

The Rev (TV movie) (clearance)

A Very Cool Christmas (TV movie) (clearance)

Earthsea (TV movie) (clearances)

Kink in My Hair (TV movie) (clearances)

Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon (clearance)

Snowman’s Pass (clearance)

Shelf Life (clearances)

Deluxe Combo Platter (clearance)

The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess (TV movie) (clearance, clearance coordinator)

Dragons: Fire & Ice (TV movie) (clearance)

The Risen (video) (clearance)

Going the Distance (clearance)

Happyland (TV movie) (clearance)

Pursued (clearance)

Intern Academy (clearance)

The Keeper (clearance – uncredited)

The Truth About Miranda (clearance)

Zixx Level One (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Monster Island (TV movie) (clearance)

The Survivors Club (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited)

Any Niagara (short) (clearance)

An Easter Carol (video) (clearances)

I Want to Marry Ryan Banks (TV movie) (clearances)

The Thing Below (video) (clearance – uncredited)

Human Cargo (TV mini-series) (clearance)

Have You Heard? Secret Central (video) (clearance)

I Accuse (clearance)

Heaven’s Fury (TV movie) (clearance)

Silverwing (TV series) (clearances – 13 episodes)

Moving Malcolm (clearance)

The Delicate Art of Parking (clearance, clearance coordinator)

Little Brother of War (clearance)

Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular (TV movie) (clearances)

Betraying Reason (clearance)

Dogme Kung Fu! (short) (clearance)

Welcome Back to Molly’s Reach (TV documentary) (clearances)

Yakkity Yak (TV series) (clearance)

Killer Bees! (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited)

The House Next Door (production coordinator)

Edgemont (TV series) (clearance)

Hollywood Off-Ramp (TV series) (clearance)

The Spiral Staircase (TV movie) (clearance)

Call of the Wild (TV series) (clearance)

Best Actress (TV movie) (clearance)

Ice Angel (TV movie) (clearance)

Yvon of the Yukon (TV series) (clearances – 15 episodes)

Heaven’s Fire (TV movie) (clearance – as Krista Johnson)

The Darklings (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited)

Two of Hearts (TV movie) (clearance)

Golf Punks (clearance)

Voyage of Terror (TV movie) (clearance)

Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister (TV movie) (clearance – uncredited)

Loyal Opposition: Terror in the White House (TV movie) (clearance)

Breaker High (TV series) (clearance)

Bye Bye Blues (research)



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